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Recovery and resilience in Kayes and Yelimane districts [GB-CHC-202918-MLIA96]


The project will contribute to a sustainable improvement of food and nutrition security of 5000 poor and very poor households in the districts of Kayes and Yelimane affected by the food crisis in 2012. The project is a continuation of MLIA90 that accounted for the response to the food crisis in Kayes. This project will now take up the recovery phase for the most vulnerable households affected by the crisis, and will subsequently help them improve their resilience.


Statut - Exécution


Financier USAID (OFDA)
Financier Oxfam Belgium (OX Solidaritie)
Organisme d'exécution Oxfam Partner(s)
Organisme d'exécution Oxfam GB
Source des données Oxfam GB

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