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Contribution of th eGlobal Fund to Fight Tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS and Malaria for implementation of the 2007-2011 Strategic Plan [47045-MAL-708-G06-T]


Title Target Actual % Achieved
Number and Percentage of new smear positive TB cases detected among the new smear-positive TB cases estimated to occur countrywide each year Target: N: 2,672 D: 8,350 P: 32 % Actual: N: 5,048 D: 16,699 P: 30.2 %
Number and percentage of smear positive cases of tuberculosis that successfully complete treatment Target: N: 9,227 D: 10,855 P: 85 % Actual: N: 3,342 D: 4,166 P: 80.2 %
Number of and Percentage of registered TB patients who receive HIV counselling and testing (non cumulative annual results) Target: N: 2,136 D: 2,671 P: 80 % Actual: N: 3,110 D: 5,048 P: 61.6 %
Number of community health agents trained on community based DOTS Target: 120 Actual: 60
Number of health agents trained in DOTS Target: 80 Actual: 20
Number of laboratory technicians from private and public sector trained in TB microscopy at regional or national level Target: 25 Actual: 25
Number of MDR cases treated according to international/WHO guidelines Target: 75 Actual: 0
Number of peer educators trained in prisons Target: 160 Actual: 40
Number of people having participated in TB international seminar Target: 4 Actual: 2
Number of prison health centers which implement DOTS Target: 11 Actual: 7
Number of research surveys conducted Target: 11 Actual: 0
Number of supervisory visits to health facilities by M&E officers from central level to regional level and from regions to districts Target: 27 Actual: 18