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Strengthening Malaria control in Mali [47045-MAL-607-G04-M]


Title Target Actual % Achieved
Number and percentage of health facilities in target zones having been supplied with ACTs for management of uncomplicated malaria cases Target: N: 658 D: 823 P: 80 % Actual: N: 0 D: 823 P: 0 %
Number and percentage of health facilities submitting timly and regular reports. Target: N: 526 D: 658 P: 79.9 % Actual: N: 1,033 D: 1,243 P: 83.1 %
Number and percentage of malaria cases confirmed using RDT and/or microscopy Target: N: 662,705 D: 828,382 P: 80 % Actual: N: 275,886 D: 828,382 P: 33.3 %
Number and percentage of pregnant women having received at least one dose of intermittent préventive treatment(IPT) Target: N: 502,811 D: 628,514 P: 80 % Actual: N: 0 D: 628,514 P: 0 %
Number of health agents on CTAs secondary effects and give advice to ptaients during consultations Target: 810 Actual: 1252
Number of health facilities reporting no stock out for ACTs Target: 526 Actual: 1009
Number of home visits Target: 9600 Actual: 12128
Number of IEC materials produced (Number of districts X 2 notice boards per district) on malaria control Target: 118 Actual: 118
Number of people reached by home visits and educational talks Target: 57600 Actual: 52688
Number of traditional practicionners trained on malaria (2 per district) Target: 410 Actual: 410
Number of trainers trained at the regional and district level on malaria care and treatment delivery Target: 559 Actual: 334
Number of uncomplicated malaria cases treated with ACT among children under 5 years in health facilities with supplies Target: 1804868 Actual: 0