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ML Emergency Safety Nets project [44000-P127328]


The objective of the Emergency Social Safety Nets Project for Mali is to provide targeted cash transfers to the poor and food insecure households and to establish building blocks for a national safety net system in Mali. This project will provide much needed financial assistance to poor and food insecure households while helping to protect human capital and laying the foundation for a national safety net system for the whole country for the medium-and long-term. In the short term, the project will finance cash transfers to increase and smooth food consumption of poor households and improve their ability to cope with shocks, while enhancing and protecting the human capital accumulation of their children. In parallel, the project will help to start setting-up parameters of an effective national safety net system which in the medium-and long-term could protect households in absence of shocks but could also be scaled-up in times of crisis. Some of the lessons learned includes: (i) a strong institutional framework for social protection policy is necessary for setting-up a safety net system; (ii) sustainable strategies to support chronically food-insecure households require among others, regular cash transfers for periods of at least between 24 to 36 months; (iii) rigorous Management Information System (MIS) can inform strategic decision-making; and (iv) good targeting is necessary to provide support to those who are most in need.


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