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ML-Urban Local Government Support Projec [44000-P116602]


The development objective of the Urban Infrastructure Development Project for Mali is to support strengthened institutional performance of targeted urban local governments. There are four components to the project. The first component of the project is performance-based and capacity support grants for secondary cities. This component will support the municipalities of Kayes, Sikasso, Segou and Mopti to improve their management capabilities and accountability through two sub-components: (A) performance-based investment grant, and (B) capacity support grant. The second component of the project is priority infrastructure investment, institutional restructuring, and capacity support grants for Bamako. This component will support the district of Bamako to address acute flooding problems and improve its management capabilities and accountability through three subcomponents: (A) phased grant for roads and drainage rehabilitation, (B) capacity support grant, and (C) institutional restructuring grant for the consolidation of the district of Bamako and its six communes into an institutionally more effective single metropolitan authority. The third component of the project is institutional capacity strengthening. This component will provide support to central ministries and agencies in fulfilling their respective roles in support of urban development in a context of decentralized management of local resources and basic services delivery to the population through three sub-components: (A) capacity building for project municipalities, (B) support to central government agencies in fulfilling specific functions contributing to project objectives, and (C) support to targeted strategic studies, including assistance in developing a strategy for restructuring and implementing the institutional arrangements for managing the greater Bamako metropolitan region. The fourth component of the project is project management, monitoring and evaluation. This component will finance management of the project and reporting on overall project progress.


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