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Mali - PRSC-3 [44000-P113451]


The objective of the Third Poverty Reduction Support Credit Program (PRSC-3) for Mali is to support government's owned reforms to improve the regulatory and institutional framework for infrastructure and private investment, strengthen public financial management, and improve basic service delivery. This operation is the first of a second series of three PRSC designed to support the implementation of the Government's poverty reduction strategy. This second series aims to strengthen public financial management and improve access to basic social services, while enhancing the regulatory and institutional framework for infrastructure and private investment. The reform program supported under this series continues and deepens the agenda introduced by the first series (PRSC 1 and 2), with an increased focus on social service delivery, particularly from the second operation. The reform policies supported by this new series are embedded in and aligned with Mali's Growth and Poverty Reduction Strategy Framework (GPRSF). The design of the series benefited from consultations with various stakeholders. The consultations were made under the Government's leadership, including in coordination with a group of donors who provide budget support to Mali for the GPRSF implementation. These consultations ensure Government ownership of the supported policies and harmonize donors around a common set of key reforms. The lessons learned from the implementation of the PRSC 1 and 2 were also taken into account in the design of this follow-up series.


Statut - Achevé


  • 11110
    Education policy and administrative management
  • 12110
    Health policy and administrative management
  • 15110
    Economic and development policy/planning
  • 22020
  • 25010
    Business support services and institutions
  • 31110
    Agricultural policy and administrative management


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Organisme d'exécution MINISTRY OF FINANCE
Source des données World Bank Group

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