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Mali Energy Support Project SIL (FY09) [44000-P108440]


The objective of the Energy Support Project for Mali is to improve the access and efficiency of electricity services in Bamako and in other targeted areas in the country. There are three components to the project, the first component being transmission and distribution reinforcement and extension. This component is mainly intended to finance: (i) upgrade the electricity transmission line between Segou and Bamako; (ii) upgrade and reinforce 30 kv facilities in the peripheral area of Bamako, including the 150 kkv loop; (iii) upgrade and reinforce low and medium voltage distribution networks in Bamako; and (iv) upgrade and reinforce medium and low voltage distribution networks in areas of, among other, Kati, Segou, Kayes, Mopti, Sikasso, and Koutiala. The second component is the energy efficiency and demand-side management. This component is intended to finance: (a) a residential lighting program to replace incandescent or neon light bulbs with compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), in urban and rural households; (b) a street lighting program to replace incandescent or neon light bulbs by CFLs and/or high pressure sodium vapor lamps, in key urban and rural centers; and (c) a public facilities' lighting program to replace incandescent light bulbs by CFLs. Finally, the third component is the capacity and institutional strengthening of key sector institutions.


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  • 23010
    Energy policy and administrative management
  • 23040
    Electrical transmission/ distribution


Financier International Development Association
Organisme d'exécution EDM SA AND AMADER
Source des données World Bank Group

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