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Mali - Agricultural Productivity (IDA) [44000-P095091]


The development objective of the Fostering Agricultural Productivity Project for Mali is to increase the productivity of smallholder agricultural and agribusiness producers in the targeted production systems and project areas. The major changes agreed on with the Government consist of: 1) streamlining the institutional set up to make it more efficient and foster effective coordination while empowering implementing agencies; 2) reducing the project scope resulting from the loss of the European Union-Trust Fund (EU-TF) while ensuring that key project Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) indicators are well aligned with the development objective which is still relevant; and 3) reallocating International Development Association (IDA) credit to ensure that remaining project activities are fully funded. The reallocation will keep the same activities to be financed by the project. The closing date of the IDA financing agreement remains unchanged. The closing date of the EU food crisis rapid response facility TF grant agreement was April 30, 2012 with a disbursement of 1,389,830 SDR (US$ 2,105,800).


Statut - Exécution


  • 31110
    Agricultural policy and administrative management
  • 31120
    Agricultural development
  • 31140
    Agricultural water resources


Financier International Development Association
Organisme d'exécution MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE
Source des données World Bank Group

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