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ML-Educ Sect Invest Prog II (FY07) [44000-P093991]


The Second Education Sector Investment Program for Mali aims to increase the proportion o f Malian children completing a quality first cycle o f basic education and improve the overall efficiency of resources used in the education sector. The proposed three-year project will: (1) improve the quality of basic education; (2) increase access to education; and (3) strengthen institutional management capacities in education sector and program coordination management. The three-year project has three components: 1. Improving the quality of basic education through: (a)establishing reading areas in about 25 percent of classrooms in the first cycle of basic education and equipping of libraries in 5 Teacher Training Institutes; (b) implementing the Direct Support to Improve School Productivity scheme to purchase school supplies; and (c) supporting certification of about 3,000 community school teachers by providing a 60-day in-service training and providing a 60-day accelerated training for about 1,800 new teachers; 2. Increasing access to education through: (a) building schools in the first and second cycles of basic education (970 classrooms); (b) building and equipping a general secondary school (for about 600 students); and (c) supporting apprenticeship programs in key areas of youth employment; and 3. Strengthening institutional management capacities in the education sector and program coordination, especially in the following areas: (a) human resources management; (b) budgetary and financial management, and regulatory framework; (c) an Integrated Education Management Information System; and (d) program coordination and management, including carrying out Learning Assessments.


Statut - Achevé


  • 11220
    Primary education
  • 11320
    Secondary education
  • 11330
    Vocational training
  • 11420
    Higher education


Financier International Development Association
Organisme d'exécution MINISTRY OF EDUCATION
Source des données World Bank Group

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