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ML-PRSC 1 (FY07) [44000-P083803]


The First Poverty Reduction Support Credit (PRSC-1) in Mali is the first in a series of operations supporting implementation of Mali's Growth and Poverty Reduction Strategy Framework (GPRSF) through the following three components: the first component focuses on strengthening the links between the GPRSF and the macroeconomic and budget frameworks, and strengthening public finance management (including procurement). The second component comprises growth-enhancing measures in the financial sector, private sector, transport and transit facilitation, electricity, cotton, and the Office du Niger irrigation zone. The third component focuses on improving access to basic social services, notably health and social development and rural water supply and sanitation. The report also highlights operation and implementation issues such as poverty and social impacts, monitoring and evaluation, fiduciary aspects, disbursement and monitoring, environmental aspects, and risk mitigation.


Statut - Achevé


  • 12110
    Health policy and administrative management
  • 21010
    Transport policy and administrative management
  • 24010
    Financial policy and administrative management
  • 25010
    Business support services and institutions
  • 31140
    Agricultural water resources
  • 32163
    Textiles, leather and substitutes


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