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ML-Regional Power SIL (FY97) [44000-P046651]


The Regional Hydropower Development Project's main objectives are to: (i) reduce the long-term cost of electricity supply to the 3 countries; (ii) contribute to meeting debt service associated with the building of the Manantali dam; (iii) contribute to increasing the efficiency and reliability of power systems; (iv) establish an effective organization to construct and operate the project facilities and to mitigate environment and health impacts of the projects and the Manantali dam; (v) promote competitive private sector participation; and (vi) support the traditional agricultural sector downstream through the rational management of the Manantali reservoir. The project's components are as follows: 1) power station including civil works, electromechanical equipment, step-up substation, and reinforcement works; 2) transmission system comprising transmission lines and a dispatching center; 3) construction supervision; 4) institutional strengthening including studies, training, procurement of equipment and other support; and 5) Project Preparation Facility Advance refinancing.


Statut - Achevé


  • 23020
    Power generation/non-renewable sources
  • 23040
    Electrical transmission/ distribution


Financier International Development Association
Organisme d'exécution OMVS
Source des données World Bank Group

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