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Rural Infrastr (FY00) - (PNIR) [44000-P041723]


The National Rural Infrastructure Program Project for Mali aims to reduce poverty and improve the livelihood of the rural population by accelerating the provision, and enhancing the sustainability, of basic rural infrastructure in irrigation and transport; output markets and social services; and water supply and sanitation. The project has two 5-year phases and is supported through an Adaptable Program Loan (APL). The project has five main components in the first phase. The first component pilots a capital cost recovery mechanism; promotes private irrigation investments on large-scale schemes; improves irrigation infrastructure management; and promotes cost reduction by strengthening local private sector/nongovernmental organizational capacity. The second component sets up an autonomously managed road authority to conduct routine maintenance on the main network and feeder roads; and elaborates a national rural transport strategy. The third component helps construct water supply and sanitation facilities and provides community education activities. It also provides training to construct on-site sanitation systems for households, schools, and health centers; and improves sanitation conditions and hygienic practices. The capacity-building sub-component supports local governments, private sector/NGO providers, and public sector agencies. The fourth component implements environmental action plans. The fifth component sets up the agency for rural works and equipment (AGETIER).


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  • 14020
    Water supply and sanitation - large systems
  • 14030
    Basic drinking water supply and basic sanitation
  • 21010
    Transport policy and administrative management
  • 31130
    Agricultural land resources
  • 31140
    Agricultural water resources


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