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ML-Health Sec Dev Prog SIL - (PRODESS) [44000-P040652]


The Health Sector Development Program Project's objective is to improve the health outcome of the population, with a focus on meeting the health needs of the underserved segments of the population, as well as accelerating the country's demographic transition toward slower population growth. There are three project components. The first component, expanding access to affordable quality preventive, social, and curative services, will improve coverage for primary health care; improve services in selected secondary and tertiary hospitals; improve overall technical efficiency, increase initial stocks of drugs and medical consumable; and provide support to nongovernmental organizations for health-related activities and action against social exclusion. The second component, strengthening the health system management capabilities, will cover management training; recruitment and redeployment of health personnel; reforms of pharmaceutical sub-sector; logistic support for managerial functions; and support to the Management Information Systems. The third component, exploring and developing sustainable financing schemes for the health sector, will be done through expansion of cooperative cost sharing schemes; policy reforms on benefits; community participation; and cost recovery mechanism.


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  • 12110
    Health policy and administrative management
  • 12240
    Basic nutrition
  • 13020
    Reproductive health care


Financier International Development Association
Organisme d'exécution MINISTRY OF HEALTH
Source des données World Bank Group

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