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Edu Sec Exp Prgm APL (FY01) - (PISE) [44000-P040650]


The overall objective of the first phase of the Mali Education Sector Expenditure Program (ESEP) is to provide increased and equitable access to higher quality education. There are three project components. The first improves the quality of education by supporting early childhood development, pre-service and in-service teacher education, a curriculum linked to basic education needs, evaluation of learning outcomes and examination reform, a Reading First program, textbook and reading materials, special needs education, strengthening of the Medersa school, school and nutrition, reduction of grade repitition and dropouts, teaching and learning materials, the teaching of science and technology, vocational and professional training, instructional support, life skills and reproductive health courses, procurement of scientific equipment, strengthening of library and information services, and establishment of a competitive research fund. The second component increases access and improves equity in distributing school places by constructing classrooms, schools, and training centers. The third component strengthens the capacity of decentralized management by transfering capacity and resources to local governments, implementing a decentralization master plan and regional education development plans, and by reinforcing financial and personnel management.


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  • 11220
    Primary education
  • 11320
    Secondary education
  • 11420
    Higher education
  • 15110
    Economic and development policy/planning


Financier International Development Association
Organisme d'exécution MINISTRY OF EDUCATION
Source des données World Bank Group

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